Thursday, 27 August 2020


I sit quietly, a proverbial weight on my chest. My breathing not as smooth as I would like it. My stomach starts to turn. The weight of the world pushes down on me. My greatest flaw, my desire to make everyone happy sits heavy on me today. Deep in my mind I know it is all in my control, but in this moment I feel like nothing is.

So often the weight of the world presses down on many of us. We look around and wonder how many others feel this way, how are those people so happy, is it a mask or true happiness. For many it is happiness, and for one simple reason, they focus on making themselves happy, they know they can only control how they react to the world, not how the world reacts to them. 

Take a moment, breath and take control back. Remember you need to be yourself, you need to be happy and that comes from within. You must let the comments and looks role off you back and pick yourself up. Once you release yourself from others judgement you will start to feel free, one thought at a time, it is a journey and you will get there.

Inspire, motivate and find your focus. 

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Self Reflection

We move forward day to day, sometimes conscious, sometimes not. At some point we stop and look at ourselves in the mirror, have I learned those wrinkles, what lesson did that grey hair come from?

Self reflection can be scary, especially when we don't recognize ourselves for a moment. Time has a way of shaping us, especially when we are just keeping up. We start to get tired, and slowly we still our selves down to raw emotion, we survive. We look in the mirror and we dont recognize ourselves, so we start building a wall, we don't want to completely lose who we are. We work harder and the wall gets higher, we build stronger defences and slowly find ourselves on an well fortified island, to high up to know when someone is helping or fighting us.... we look in the mirror and see a ghost.

Most of us have gone through this one way or another, we start making big changes more out of fear, trying to find what we once thought was humanity. We lost ourselves in our emotions and, well, emotions are irrational beasts built for survival, not for striving. 

Take a moment each day to get to know yourself again. Reflect on your lessons, don't get scared or mad if you haven't reached your goal. Reflect, see all the lessons, get up, dust yourself off and try again. Sometimes we see a second or third or tenth attempt as pitiful, I was often told second place is the first loser. But really trying again is what truly makes us human, that is the meaning of life, getting up again and being awesome. Believe in yourself, and know that all those changes you have made are good, they are part of who you are. When you reflect try to find the balance between emotional and rational. Listen to your calm mind and you will concur. 

Inspire, motivate and find your focus.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Some days I feel like my brain is infected. As if a poison is slowly taking over. I feel exhaustion, and fear, I feel doubt and regret, but I still feel drive. 

And I guess the reality is in many ways my brain is poisoned. Doubt is poison! It builds from small failures, it grows from small disappointments. You start to focus on the bad, you start to lose sight of the success. Doubt can easily become depression, and often build into anxiety. We sit with screens in front of us, not looking at our lives but those of our peers, we look at their lives from miles away but then reflect on ours with a microscope. We build fear that we are not equal. This doesn't happen in large movements but small unconscious thoughts. 

Break the cycle, reinforce your success. Stop peering into the lives of others and be present in your own. We are all waging our own battles, some of us have words for it, others know the feelings and some are completely consumed. So start adding those suttle pat's on the back, start complementing people for their small success. Take in nature and let it overwhelm the doubt for once. One day, one step at a time.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Ive got this.

I've got this.

How does it sound when you say those words? Do you add emphasis, I've got this! Or is it a quiet voice almost a whisper trying to convince yourself.

We all have a little voice in our head, when we are confident we echo, I've got this! Is a statement of confidence. When we are struggling, I've got this is a whisper, a hope, sometimes a question. If we fall down, sometimes we start answering that question, with "maybe..." or "no you don't". We slip away and our little voice becomes an anchor.

We need to break that chain of pessimism,  we need to find that confidence. We need to believe in ourselves, put the work in so we can shout it to the mountains.

Wake up and tell yourself "I've got this! I am going to kick butt!" Use the same words you hear in your head but make them strong. Shake off that whisper and shout. You've done this before, you have more experience, it's time to shine.

Believe in yourself, let a slip be a learning lesson, let a bad day be in the past. Focus on taking control one statement at a time. Drown out your whisper and hear your voice boom!

I've got this!!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Split Values.

How do you truly reflect when that means seeing your faults, admitting them to yourself and then... and then the world. When the world has thought you there is no room for error. 2nd place is the first loser, and then the world thought you, don't hurt anyone feelings, make sure to always be positive.

My generation has grown up in a simple time with old rules, that transitioned into a complex, over messaged, confusing pile of emotions. We all want what is best for those around us, to the point that many of us forget about ourselves. People are so sensitive that instead of asking us if we want to talk they suggest we should be medicated to help with our depression. There is a pill for everything and a new gadget to make it easier.

So how do we find ourselves, how do we become amazing while balancing the expectations of the generations before us with the generations after us. How do we accept that we will hurt some people and sometimes in doing this lift others up. How do we reduce the filter without taking it right off. I wish there was  simple answer, but that's the thing, nothing is simple anymore... until we find ourselves that is. Once we choose who we will be, once we accept that some people aren't going to like what we have to say, we can move forward. We can challenge our norms and find out who we are.

As we strive forward building our own future we can create a balance between traditional values and sensitivity​ for everyone. We will be the change, we have the power within us we just have to stand up and speak. Stand up and take what is ours. 

Inspire, motivate and find your focus.

Friday, 10 March 2017


One of the greatest risks in life is love. Such a simple emotion but the most complex of all. Many have lost all they have based on love. But the most successful have love or no love at all.... And we  all have one thing we love in  life..... Knowing this will define your life.

You choose to love someone or something. You love a dream and nothing can get in your way! It would seem at this that to gain success you are  then crippled by loving someone, instead of something. On the surface this is true.... But it is so much more then that.

Firstly success is measured on many levels, for many, true enduring love is success in itself, for some uninterrupted wealth equals success, so how do you get both?


Find someone you love, and within part of this love should be a singular goal. If this goal is in-sync with your love then everything you do will be about your love. Each step, each thought will be for your partner. (Now I use the term partner very strategically, a partner is someone you trust and vest, decisions are not made without their input, choices are a compromise to benefit all concerned) as you step forward it is for the benefit of both. You are so focused on the success of all that you have no choice but to move forward. You fight for everything. You do not focus for one but for two, and so does your partner and you trust that unconditionally.

As both parties choose a focus sacrifices will be made, life will fluctuate and change but the end goal will appear on a single axis.  As a single unit you will adjust and accept risk. Life will have its ups and it will have its downs but as partners you will understand and accept the moves made by your loved one.

Now... In saying this accept that communication is key accept that knowing the final goal is the most important part. As you move forward if you have not agreed upon the final result then each step will be questioned, fights will spark..... But.... if communication is clear.... then each step will make sense, limited hesitation will exist. We will move forward knowing that each step is part of the larger battle... Within.... Reason...

One must leave any personal feelings out of this... This comes to this first feeling, that feeling is love and is the most risky emotion...

For some, I leave this short... For those that know, or will soon understand I leave this now as I know no other way to explain true trust, true love... For those that know can truly let go and believe that what they do is for both, is trusted and will create benefit for both partners! If you believe this, take the risk, move forward,fight! Take the risk! I believe you will only gain... As I know now, I can only gain with my partner.... Worst case you loose 50℅.... In that case the am sorry as it will feel like more... For the rest... Like me... Enjoy, fight and win!!! Knowing if nothing else you have loved! And know love like no other!!!

Inspire, motivate and find your focus!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A moment

A moment to gather my thoughts, yet they are still scattered. A moment to try and reflect on all my recent considerations, yet they escape me. My soul is at piece, I smile I laugh, yet my mind remains so unfocused. How do I bring it together?

Like so many, pulled in so many directions that it is easy to forget what way is forward. Driving on, one step at a time, but some days I swear I have done this before. Without focus we are lost, without focus we can walk in a circle for days!

I take a moment to reflect, realizing that is my challenge, I focus on the past, and not the future. Our past though complete can leave us with so many questions, but is best if it just leaves us with lessons. History is the one thing we have no control of, so to dwell is to be lost. So I turn now, I look forward, knowing forward is whatever direction I choose. One step focus on tomorrow, focus on growing focus on living in the present.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!