Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What to give?

In life we often search for success. We see something that we consider success and we want it. One key step that many people forget is that to find success we have to sacrifice. We must give of ourselves to find success in life. We must give time, or effort, emotion and a some part of ourselves. We drive forward to obtain the golden ticket.

Success for each of us is something different, and when we look at others if they do not see success the same way we do we often look at them with judging eyes. We wonder why they are not fighting for the same things we are. We consider them lazy because they are not sacrificing as much as we are or we consider them selfish because they have no time for other. We are not looking in the mirror to consider what we are sacrificing because we make it all make sense within our own head. We convince ourselves that our sacrifice is worth it. Often it is but some times it is not. We each make these choices and must accept others choices.

My family and I have chosen a tougher path, we move every few years and we often have to say goodbye to friends as we move on to our next posting. As we make these moves I have a goal in mind, I believe my family has the same goal. But overtime I have had many discussions with friends about this. One made the statement, "Well I guess money is more important then friends to you!" That stung, but I hadn't ever considered it from that angle. It stopped me in my tracks, I wanted to believe the my true friends would always stay connected... I asked another friend a few years later why he didn't push for more, he looked at me and said "Look around, I have everything I need, I am home every night, my job challenges me but does not exhaust me and my family has me here for them." I almost shed a tear. He was truly happy... Could I be happy with that?

Success has so many levels and we need to know what will make us happy. Over time I try to be more and more conscious of my breaking points, how much can I sacrifice for each goal, how much can I give. I know I can give much of myself, I know I can break myself and get up again. But I have a family, I will not sacrifice them so I need to listen I need to understand. I sacrifice myself for my family, directly at the home and indirectly through work, it is a balance everyday as it is for so many. But every moment is worth it!

We all need to understand our break points, when we find a goal we want to achieve we need to know what we will have to sacrifice and what that will that sacrifice
do to us and those around us. Sacrifice is part of life, be prepared and know you can reach your goals. Once you reach a goal you can look back and know you gave of yourself and truly know what the value of your success is.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.