Monday, 14 December 2015

Knocked down.

One thing I have learned over time is I would prefer to get physically knocked down 100 times before getting mentally knocked down. One can be physically beaten and remain mentally strong. One can be broken and bruised and still have mental resolve.

When ones mental resolve begins to slip it is a different story. It comes with time, little things chop away at it. One day you feel like you are falling behind, but you catch up the next day. Another day you feel like you are slipping a bit, but you but things back together. Then you find you aren't sleeping, too much to worry about. You start to lose confidence, but you find strength and get yourself running again.

Then one day you mentally break, all mental focus falls down, you question your resolve. It may have been the smallest thing, but it knocks you right out. You question your actions, your choices, you go over everything in your head 100 times. You start questioning the things in your life that are working, just because it can't make sense that anything is working at this point.

Now.... How do you reset, how do you start to rebuild. When you question your ability to do everything you know, how do you put yourself back together?

You start small! You do rebuild. You start changing habits, guarantee you are sabotaging yourself now everyday. You are losing yourself in time sinks, you are focusing on your flaws not your strengths. So you start again! You can't and don't want to become who you were before, that person broke, you need to improve, you need to move forward one step at a time and start recreating yourself. Take all the positives and bring them along, use them as your foundation. But every time you find a weakness, drop kick it right out the door. The only way to find your resolve is once again prove that you can rebuild, that the only reason you broke is because you were too strong, you lost flexibility and lost focus. Inspire yourself, motivate yourself and focus on the silver lining.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


A moment passes and we sit wondering where it has gone. A past moment flashes through our mind and a wave emotions sweeps over us. This thing we call life is just a blur of moments all put together.

When we are young we are told not to waste a moment, as we get older we are often told that we won't forget this moment. As a parent we try to capture and hold every moment. And finally we cherish the moments we have had.

As I sit and reflect, as I struggle to find the energy, the strength, that I need to get through I suddenly notice moments slipping past. I realize that in my struggle to find happiness I am actually letting it slip away. Moments are fleeting and our strength becomes just the same. I need to get to my feet, but first I need to take a moment. Now I stop and look around. In my weakness comes my haste, how can I regain my strength, how can I find the answers to get through.

I see now that the answer is in the moments, all the moments around me. I need to take a moment more to love, a moment longer to hold. I need to cherish the moments when I smile, cherish the moments when my loved ones laugh. I start to gather all my moments, hold them close but not lose myself in them. I must embrace the moments I have had and strive to create new memories everyday.

To move forward we must hold what we have, celebrate the moments of love, of laughter and of joy. At the same time we must always move forward, we must search for more love, more laughter and more joy. If we don't see it around us, then create it. Laugh for no reason at all, stand up and dance well after the music has stopped. Scream when you need to scream and cry when you need to cry, but when you are done reflect on a moment that made you smile and carry that forward to make you stronger, not the pain, just the joy. Live in the moment, for the moment!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Through the trees.

As I climbed the hill I stopped for a moment to look out over the area I had come from. Then I looked straight out. I could see a break in the trees but no matter how hard I looked I could not focus on the trees in the distance. My eyes would not move focus from the trees nearest me. For a moment I found focus half way, but could not clearly see the trees out ahead of me. I turned and started to work the rest of the way up the hill, it was steep and I am out of shape. Nearing the top my heart pounded and my muscles asked for a break. I would not stop, I had to reach the top! Finally I crested, I slowed to a walk and worked through the pain the was washing through me.

This run brought a reminder of clarity to me. No matter how hard we look to the future it is never clear. The more that is currently around us the harder it is to understand what the future will hold. Though there was beauty around me, I didn't want to see it, I wanted to move forward and see what was beyond the trees. At these moments we need to remember, we will get there. The trees, the noise around us it where we are, we must see it, slow and recognize what is around us. Focus on the leaves, see the branches. This help make the path more clear. Push forward and in time we will get to where we want to be.

The other point of clarity came in the last steps of the hill. Sometimes life hurts, some times it rips us apart from the inside, sometimes we just want to give in. But we can't we have to push through. There are points that if we stop and feel the pain we will only fall, lose ground and sometimes become lost. If we can keep going, dig deep and find the last bit of strength we will have time to recover, there are breaks, sometime that break is only slowing from a run to a walk, but it is still a break. Look around as you push, find a hand hold, pull with all your strength. Just because you are on your feet, doesn't mean you can't reach out and use your hands. See the trees use them to pull forward.

When we connect the little things when we appreciate what is right beside us, what is just a bit in front of us, we find the strength to get to the next phase. No one ever said it was going to be easy, no one ever said it would be this hard either. But inside we all have strength, around us each of us have trees to lean on. Dig deep, push through, don't forget to look around you, see the trees, and at the same time, keep your head up and know there is a path through the forest. You will come through and you will be scratched, you will hurt and you will be stronger.

Motivate inspire and find your focus!

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I cry... Sometimes I yell when I am mad. I get scared. At times I don't have the answer. It is not uncommon for me to need help from another. And I have even been known to be outright wrong!

Some have said these are signs of weakness. Some try to hold these things against people. But overtime I have learned that these are signs of being human. Accepting our emotions, knowing our flaws can be our greatest strength. It is funny that in a world of humans, being human can be a strength.

Take control, take your power back and be strong. Know that you are human, trust your feelings, and embrace who you are. Learn to step out and scream to the mountains. Believe in cranking the music and singing your heart you. Release your emotions, once you learn to let them out you can begin to let them out at the right time, you learn to walk away, or to step up.

Our lives are full of too many surprises don't let yourself be one of them. Know you are strong, know those tears are just you letting go of something that need a way out. Express yourself and accept yourself. In a world of surprises surprise everyone with how truly strong you are!

Motivate inspire and find your focus!

Monday, 12 January 2015


I stop, I think back and am in awe at the last year of my life. So many changes, so many highlights and many tough days. I wonder how I am still standing? Am I stronger now or weaker? And as I reflect on where I have been I cannot help but try and think where I will be in another year.

The past is a funny thing, it is the road we have traveled, it has given us the scars we have and the joys we know. Without our past we would not be the person we are today, whether we are proud of who we are or ready to change, our past has shaped us. The challenge is, no matter how much we love or hate our past, it is just that, it is our past. We must move on to the present and move toward tomorrow. 

Now as I start to think about tomorrow I begin to drift, to dream of what could be. Thinking of where I want to be, what I want to accomplish. It is so easy in my mind, everything will come along just as it is needed. I can dream a day away without knowing it started. But if I ever want that future to be I have to bring myself back to the present.

In the end we must accept our past, dream of the future but know we live in today. Without our past we are not ourselves, without our future we are but a drone. When we combine the two and live in the moment we can be anything!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!