Monday, 14 December 2015

Knocked down.

One thing I have learned over time is I would prefer to get physically knocked down 100 times before getting mentally knocked down. One can be physically beaten and remain mentally strong. One can be broken and bruised and still have mental resolve.

When ones mental resolve begins to slip it is a different story. It comes with time, little things chop away at it. One day you feel like you are falling behind, but you catch up the next day. Another day you feel like you are slipping a bit, but you but things back together. Then you find you aren't sleeping, too much to worry about. You start to lose confidence, but you find strength and get yourself running again.

Then one day you mentally break, all mental focus falls down, you question your resolve. It may have been the smallest thing, but it knocks you right out. You question your actions, your choices, you go over everything in your head 100 times. You start questioning the things in your life that are working, just because it can't make sense that anything is working at this point.

Now.... How do you reset, how do you start to rebuild. When you question your ability to do everything you know, how do you put yourself back together?

You start small! You do rebuild. You start changing habits, guarantee you are sabotaging yourself now everyday. You are losing yourself in time sinks, you are focusing on your flaws not your strengths. So you start again! You can't and don't want to become who you were before, that person broke, you need to improve, you need to move forward one step at a time and start recreating yourself. Take all the positives and bring them along, use them as your foundation. But every time you find a weakness, drop kick it right out the door. The only way to find your resolve is once again prove that you can rebuild, that the only reason you broke is because you were too strong, you lost flexibility and lost focus. Inspire yourself, motivate yourself and focus on the silver lining.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.