Wednesday, 5 August 2015


A moment passes and we sit wondering where it has gone. A past moment flashes through our mind and a wave emotions sweeps over us. This thing we call life is just a blur of moments all put together.

When we are young we are told not to waste a moment, as we get older we are often told that we won't forget this moment. As a parent we try to capture and hold every moment. And finally we cherish the moments we have had.

As I sit and reflect, as I struggle to find the energy, the strength, that I need to get through I suddenly notice moments slipping past. I realize that in my struggle to find happiness I am actually letting it slip away. Moments are fleeting and our strength becomes just the same. I need to get to my feet, but first I need to take a moment. Now I stop and look around. In my weakness comes my haste, how can I regain my strength, how can I find the answers to get through.

I see now that the answer is in the moments, all the moments around me. I need to take a moment more to love, a moment longer to hold. I need to cherish the moments when I smile, cherish the moments when my loved ones laugh. I start to gather all my moments, hold them close but not lose myself in them. I must embrace the moments I have had and strive to create new memories everyday.

To move forward we must hold what we have, celebrate the moments of love, of laughter and of joy. At the same time we must always move forward, we must search for more love, more laughter and more joy. If we don't see it around us, then create it. Laugh for no reason at all, stand up and dance well after the music has stopped. Scream when you need to scream and cry when you need to cry, but when you are done reflect on a moment that made you smile and carry that forward to make you stronger, not the pain, just the joy. Live in the moment, for the moment!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.