Thursday, 26 March 2015


I cry... Sometimes I yell when I am mad. I get scared. At times I don't have the answer. It is not uncommon for me to need help from another. And I have even been known to be outright wrong!

Some have said these are signs of weakness. Some try to hold these things against people. But overtime I have learned that these are signs of being human. Accepting our emotions, knowing our flaws can be our greatest strength. It is funny that in a world of humans, being human can be a strength.

Take control, take your power back and be strong. Know that you are human, trust your feelings, and embrace who you are. Learn to step out and scream to the mountains. Believe in cranking the music and singing your heart you. Release your emotions, once you learn to let them out you can begin to let them out at the right time, you learn to walk away, or to step up.

Our lives are full of too many surprises don't let yourself be one of them. Know you are strong, know those tears are just you letting go of something that need a way out. Express yourself and accept yourself. In a world of surprises surprise everyone with how truly strong you are!

Motivate inspire and find your focus!