Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Split Values.

How do you truly reflect when that means seeing your faults, admitting them to yourself and then... and then the world. When the world has thought you there is no room for error. 2nd place is the first loser, and then the world thought you, don't hurt anyone feelings, make sure to always be positive.

My generation has grown up in a simple time with old rules, that transitioned into a complex, over messaged, confusing pile of emotions. We all want what is best for those around us, to the point that many of us forget about ourselves. People are so sensitive that instead of asking us if we want to talk they suggest we should be medicated to help with our depression. There is a pill for everything and a new gadget to make it easier.

So how do we find ourselves, how do we become amazing while balancing the expectations of the generations before us with the generations after us. How do we accept that we will hurt some people and sometimes in doing this lift others up. How do we reduce the filter without taking it right off. I wish there was  simple answer, but that's the thing, nothing is simple anymore... until we find ourselves that is. Once we choose who we will be, once we accept that some people aren't going to like what we have to say, we can move forward. We can challenge our norms and find out who we are.

As we strive forward building our own future we can create a balance between traditional values and sensitivity​ for everyone. We will be the change, we have the power within us we just have to stand up and speak. Stand up and take what is ours. 

Inspire, motivate and find your focus.