Monday, 12 January 2015


I stop, I think back and am in awe at the last year of my life. So many changes, so many highlights and many tough days. I wonder how I am still standing? Am I stronger now or weaker? And as I reflect on where I have been I cannot help but try and think where I will be in another year.

The past is a funny thing, it is the road we have traveled, it has given us the scars we have and the joys we know. Without our past we would not be the person we are today, whether we are proud of who we are or ready to change, our past has shaped us. The challenge is, no matter how much we love or hate our past, it is just that, it is our past. We must move on to the present and move toward tomorrow. 

Now as I start to think about tomorrow I begin to drift, to dream of what could be. Thinking of where I want to be, what I want to accomplish. It is so easy in my mind, everything will come along just as it is needed. I can dream a day away without knowing it started. But if I ever want that future to be I have to bring myself back to the present.

In the end we must accept our past, dream of the future but know we live in today. Without our past we are not ourselves, without our future we are but a drone. When we combine the two and live in the moment we can be anything!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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