Friday, 17 October 2014

Conscious Decisions.

Life is busy right now. We all know that feeling, every time we think we are going to get a moment to breath something new comes down, another challenge another task. Currently I am not only busy but nothing is going as I would expect it, every time I expect something to finish another road block or pitfall presents itself. I am getting exhausted, I just want to reset and find a few moments of salvation.

In life though we will always have challenges, when they pile up the average mind will unconsciously become frustrated, depressed or just angry! But as humans we have the great ability to make conscious decisions, to focus on something and override our unconscious mind. We need to make these decisions every day as to remain strong, to remain positive. As I fight through my current place in life (luckily with some amazing support at home going through the same challenges right by my side) I know I need to find the silver lining, so consciously choose to get through this challenge and remain positive.

As I focus my mind, find the value in getting through the road blocks and jumping over the pit falls I begin to really think about all the conscious decisions we need to make in life. When our mind is tired, when we are suffering from the blues we need to choose to override the natural sensation to feel down and spread our exhaustion to others. If we don't think about our actions we will spread our blues, we will tell others how bad we have it, how poor things are and search for recognition and concurrence.  When we think about things, we can search for positive pieces in life, we can ask for people to reinforce the good.

When we consciously decide to find a silver lining, to focus on the future and reflect on success from the past our current load will become lighter. When we spread this attitude people will rally around us, they will find positive aspects in life and share. We go from unconsciously trudging through the day to unconsciously smiling and laughing. Moments that could have set us off or frustrated begin to role off our back.

Go out today and consciously smile, share a happy story. Today is the day to make a conscious decision and be the positive change. I did! I sat down and wrote, and if this brings a smile to one person I know I have done something right!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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