Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Positively.... Spun!

As I sort through the world, I look for the sunlight, I look for the warmth that comes with happiness and positive thoughts. As I look around with this thought another old phrase comes to me, "actions are stronger then words," so now I think to myself I need to look for positive action, positive movement in the right direction. Then I stop, sun beaming down on my and my mood lifting by the second, I cannot define myself by the thoughts, words and actions of others. As they say I need to be the change. I need to be positive, act positive and think positive. If words and actions of others don't directly impact me then I need to leave them to themselves.

When each of us focus on being positive ourselves and spread a positive mood we are making change. Smiles are contagious. When we see something that frustrates us we cannot dwell on it, we need to avoid commenting, if anything offer a positive thought or action. We so often continue to say how positive we are but are commenting on how negative something was, but we think we feel better because "we were the positive one!" Well I ask how are we being positive when we are taking the time to spread the negative action. Drop it, walk away don't carry it with you!

So today lets step forward finding the silver lining. Commit to only focus on the positive today, and start to build this habit. Try to make three people smile and you are doing something right. Try to make 2 people laugh, you have helped them through the day. Be there to help stop one persons tears and turn it to a smile you are feeling success.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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