Friday, 25 April 2014

To be Humble

A few years ago I was reading a book on success. As I read I took many interesting points, there were many thoughts to take away and it definitely gave me inspiration to make some changes in my life. One thing I found interesting was a discussion about managing your time, one point in this was to pay someone else to do basic jobs. The directive was if you could pay someone else less an hour to complete the job then you are paid in your own job, then it was not worth your time and you should hire someone else to complete the work. The examples they used were around mowing the lawn, house hold chores and basic daily activity. At the time I nodded to myself and said I can see that making sense.

The other day I was folding laundry and a thought hit me. We should always take the time to do the basic jobs, these basic jobs keep us on the ground, they keep us humble. Once we start paying someone else to complete all the basic chores in our life we start becoming disconnected with the basic aspects of life. We start to place ourselves above those that are paid to complete those job. In the end though we are all human, no matter our title or our paycheck we are all people and we are all basic creatures. We must take the time to keep ourselves humble, and taking the time to complete the basic chores of life is a simple way to do this.

As we engage in these chores and they become routine it also gives us time to think, working on these chores it is also easy to reflect, reflect on the basics of life. As I fold my little girls pants I smile looking at how small they are... and then realize how much bigger they are then her little sisters, she has grown so much. As I mow the lawn I think back to being a child myself and mowing my parents lawn, I think to how hard my wife works to keep our lawn looking amazing. My mind has time to settle, let go of the stress of work and life and glance over life. I let myself settle into the chore and release the other aspect of life for the 20 minutes or hour, in some ways it is a form of meditation. Either way it reminds me of the little things in life and keeps me humble.

Motivate, Inspire and find your focus. 

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