Thursday, 11 February 2016

Positive change

They only cause damage! Take your drama somewhere else! I don't need you in my life.

So often we push people away in a negative way. We assume because we don't connect that they must be a bad person. They must be a negative person. Why do we do this, why is it a negative perspective we take when the piece doesn't fit. How do we change our perspective to a positive twist. We must find a way to realize that just because someone doesn't fit with us, just because we bring out the bad in each other does not make them or us a bad person.

Think of relationships like magnets. Do you remember playing with magnets as a kid, you would be building a train or creating a design and suddenly as you place the one magnet it pushes the rest away, it is a polar opposite. We don't get angry at that piece, we move it around see if it will fit, try a different angle and if it still doesn't fit we set it aside and maybe try it later. Why can't we treat relationships the same way. When it doesn't fit, when we push each other away, step away, don't get angry, don't discount this person or yourself, just walk away and see if you learned anything.

Take time in life to realize that almost everyone has a positive side. We are all human and sometimes we don't fit together, but we fit with someone, we make someone happy and a better person. Stop pushing people away and assuming they are poisonous because you didn't fit. This attitude only adds poison to your life. Any time you reflect an attitude toward someone else you take a bit of that on yourself. So look at them, see the positive but know you have to walk away. Be happy, be positive and remember that we all have value.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

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