Monday, 1 February 2016

White noise

The better you do the more attention you draw. The harder you fight the bigger you challenges will be, and the greater our victories. Everyday we fight to succeed, each of us push to get to our next level! In that fight we face a constant feedback from those around us. The better we do the more people feel they need to give feedback.

How do we sort through that feedback. How do we convert compliments and criticism into motivation? We need to keep our head up, we need to hear the feedback and instantly filter, is their value to be gained or is it just jealousy? Can I take this and become stronger or is someone just trying to pull me down? Most people have the best of intentions so normally with a quick filter we can find feedback, we can learn a quick lesson on how our actions impact those around us. In that though we cannot dwell. We must continue to strive forward. If you stop you will get stuck, for a minute for and hour or for a day, but if you stop you will get stuck.

So learn to know that all criticism and all compliments are only feedback. Filter it and use it to make you stronger, move forward and live stronger.

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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