Friday, 29 July 2016

Don't forget to stretch.

Each day is our own workout. Some days leave you feeling energized and inspired, other days leave you exhausted but satisfied, Some leave you torn apart and questioning how you will keep your head up, and the rest fall anywhere in between.

The thing with life is you don't always get to pick your workout, you may expect a leasurly walk and end up doing a P90x shred! The part that is similar is its not the workout but how you react, how you stretch out and how you get started the next day. If you are left feeling like a bag of pulp, you have to get up the next day, you have to stretch and get moving again, the longer you sit the more you will hurt. You will stop hurting but if you sit too long then you have gained nothing. Sometime you learn just how deep you can dig to make that happen.

When you feel empty, reach out, look for someone to spot you. You just need to know someone has your back, and someone always does! Listen and open your mind, that spot may come from an unexpected place, from a stranger who sees that look on your face and offers a word of kindness, from long lost friends who know your pain or from your loved ones. Just remember to take the hand, to let them take the weight for a moment as you get your grip. Don't listen to the neigh says, they chose not to get up a long time ago and they still hurt and instead of working past it they want everyone to hurt.

Each day is a new workout. Each day is a lesson and a chance for you to grow stronger. Remember to not only build your strength but to take care of your heart. Any good athlete will tell you the importance of cardio! Now get up, stretch out and start running! You will get where you are going!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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