Sunday, 3 July 2016

Find a Hero!

Constantly in today's world I hear people say how terrible their parents were, how they will raise their kids better. I see people talk about all the mistakes of their upbringing, the follies, the challenges, how they didn't have this or didn't have that. They idolize people they have never met and choose hero's for their powers not for their morals. People slip away into fantasy worlds and cannot figure out why they have not found utopia.

I was once asked who my hero was, I stared blankly and said I don't have one. Years later I asked a group of students who their hero was, but I premised it with, "a hero is not perfect but someone who inspires you." The one girl told me of her mother, how amazing she was, how strong she was, now minutes earlier this 15 year old girl told me how she worked part time after school to help support her mom and sister. With this she still saw her mom as strong, as inspirational and her hero. It left me floored, all these kids in their early 20's, who never worked a day in their life and had their parents paying for university complained how flawed their parents were, but this girl, who at 15 was working to help put food on the table saw her mom as a hero!

The realization is a hero is not perfect, a hero is someone who over comes, who gives you values so you can see right from wrong and point you in the right direction. A hero is flawed but they know it, and they give everything they have to make your life better, to give you more then they had.... But a hero doesn't complain, they fight, they push through and move past history and use it as a lesson instead of an anchor. Within this, if you want to know how to break a hero, just let them know you don't appreciate them, if you want to build a hero, let them see that their values are what drives you forward.

Go out and find a hero, but don't look to far! Soon after this go and become a hero, be that person others look up to. Once you do find the strength to be a hero, you will find other hero's all around you, you will see inspiration in so many people it will floor you. We all have a little hero in us!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

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