Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Choosing a path.

I know where I am going! I know how I am getting there! And I know when I will arrive! But is that where I want to be?

As we head down a path, no matter if we have stumbled upon it or carefully chosen it among other option, we have a trejectory, a direction and focus. As we go down this path we will see other paths, some going in different directions, some parallel, some less traveled and some paved and smooth. For some it is hard to look at these paths, focus on their path is specific and strong, for others it is impossible to not look at these other paths, they are tempting, intriguing!

No matter if we are distracted by the other paths or focused on our existing path, we need to take time to reflect, make sure we are headed to the destination we want. Sometimes we get so focused on the journey, on a path we chose years ago that we forget where we are going, we don't check our supplies and we just keep pushing forward for the sake of pushing forward. No matter how tough or easy the path we continue to walk, run or crawl.

So take a moment and check you destination, make sure you still want what you were headed for, and have what you need to get there. If you do push more, work even harder and drive forward? If not what do you want, how do you get there and what do you need on the path you choose? We all have the power to choose our path, no matter how far we are on our current path we can choose the path that will give us what we need!

Go forward, choose your path and be happy with the fact that you have made that choice!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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