Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Slow Starts!

Everyday we each have a moment where we feel ourselves starting to slip, starting to get upset, starting to get grouchy! Sometimes we feel it too late and realize we are being a jerk, out just generally grouchy. Sometimes we feel it coming but can't reset out direction. Other days it's just a slow start, a moment we get to make a decision on who we will be today!

How do we make it a slow start? How do we reset before we pass a bad mood on to someone else? I wish I knew!

What I do know is we need to find the energy to fight on, we need to make sure we pass on more positive than negative, we need to do damage control! Some days are one step at a time, many deep breaths, many refocused thoughts. Find a spot in time or a smiling face to focus on and don't let it go. We all have that something that makes us smile, we need to keep that thought in our back pocket, and we need to take a moment now and again to go to that thought! On a world full of noise and full of critisizm it is our role to be the beacon light, and to be the beacon light we need a source for our energy.

So if you are feeling that mood sinking in, feeling that frustration building, go find your focus point. Look around and find that smile! Let someone else's beacon light energize you and lift you up. The let yourself spread that same energy. For the extraverts in the world remember you charge your battery by charging others!

Motivate, inspire and find your focus!

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