Saturday, 8 February 2014

Falling down.

Throughout the month, throughout the week and through out the day we all have highs and lows. None of us really know how are highs and lows compare to others. If our highs are higher or our lows are lower. In the end it doesn't really matter we need to know ourselves, we need to know our minds, our bodies and our drive. When we fall down some of us can get up and run with a sprained ankle others can't get back up with a scraped knee, and again it doesn't matter which one we are, as long as we know who we are. We will all find ourselves falling down, all find ourselves with scraped knees and sprained ankles. This is part of success, part of growing and pushing through to become stronger. When we are down learn what it takes to get back up, and next time you will be able to get up faster. It is about gaining ground every time we can. If we fall this week and it takes a day to get up, then aim for half a day next week if you fall.
Knowing we all fall and all have different recoveries, if you come across someone who has fallen, offer them a hand. Don't look down on them because they are struggling with what you see as a scraped knee while you are walking tall with a sprained ankle, offer them a hand, give them the confidence to get up, stand up and walk again. You showing that strength will give them more strength the next time they fall. The human race is a pack animal, we need each other to survive, any other species will protect the fallen to the best of their ability, and we more then any other species have the ability to protect. Take the time and offer a hand to the fallen, it won't only make them stronger but strengthen you in then end. Each day, each week, each month find your strength, just because you are weaker today then yesterday does not mean you are weaker then you were last month. know yourself and be stronger, stay focused,
inspired and motivated.

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