Friday, 28 February 2014

Get Over It!

Entitlement! The world it full of it now, it is striking the young, the old, everyone. Growing up I was taught that if I wanted respect I needed to earn it, I was told to respect my elders, but from the actions of my elders I was taught to give them the benefit of the doubt but still in the end to give respect where it was earned. I probably offer more respect then many deserve but one thing I have learned in life it to get over it! I don't expect anything from anyone, I expect to work hard, to fight for what I want and that no one owes me anything. So when someone doesn't respect me, I get over it, when I don't get what I want, I get over it. I don't walk away, I don't forget that feeling, but I don't dwell on it, and I try not to be put out by it. When I observe those who are successful I always note their actions and their expectations of the world. Some say that certain people "demand respect" when they walk into a room, if you sit back and watch these people the first thing they do is offer respect. They respect themselves, they are confident and they offer respect to those around them, even those that have burned them are offered a certain level of respect. Those that have worked their way to their position of respect do not expect anything more then they can and would give someone else. They control their emotions, and don't flinch when someone tries to tare them down, the get over it. In the end those that tried to tare them down will not share in their success but they also normally don't make an effort to knock that person down. We all have a breaking point and if pushed too hard, if we see an excessive lack of respect we will push back we will knock someone down, some can do this with grace and still walk away looking strong. Those that walk away strong do not lose themselves in knocking someone else down, it is a quick step, they respect themselves and make the move without lowering themselves to someone else level and they move on. In the end we only have what we earn, this comes to money, respect, friends and more. All these things can be taken away, those that are strong and respect themselves will always get them back, those that have more then they have earned will most often lose it. In the end if we want to be happy we have to get over it, enjoy what we have earned and strive for more. Motivate, inspire and live a focused life.

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