Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Tonight I am exhausted, drained, wiped out. It may be this cold or it may be everything on my mind. Those moments when you feel like somethings are finally coming together and others are getting further away, the moments that the weight of the world seems to double, the moments that in this over connected world we feel so alone. And finally the moments when all those moments hit us at the same time. I keep a smile and sometime I don't feel the weight until I have that moment to myself, that moment that I suddenly have more questions than answers. There was a point that I let this feeling take me out for days sometime weeks, most people didn't notice but when someone did instead of it picking me up it crushed me even more, I couldn't believe I let someone see me at a weak point. Over the last year I have learned so much. These points cannot knock us down, we need to express ourselves, listen to those around us and work through life. We cannot dwell, we cannot worry ourselves into the ground, we have to stand up and say "I have worried enough" there is always something good out there, no matter how small, focus on it. If you can't control it then you cannot worry about it, if understanding it better will help then go learn. Motivate yourself through knowledge, whether this is knowledge that clouds do have silver linings or knowledge of the situation. When you feel alone remember that you can reach out, there is always someone who will listen, maybe not the first or second person you thought of but there is someone, and maybe it is just talking, not about the situation but just talking about the weather, about a book you read about a show you like, talk! open your mouth and talk. I am tired, I am exhausted, but I will get sleep, I will get over this cold and I will see through into another day. Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

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