Monday, 17 March 2014

To rest the mind work the body

I had been sitting for two days, reading intently feeling inspiration as I burned through my new book. Such clear thoughts, connections being made with work and family life. I love digging into a book that click that inspires and creates focus points... Especially when I can do it sprawled out in the sun with a drink in my hand... But something isn't right yet, my mind is still in gear I haven't let go yet, I am relaxed but have not let go. What is it, why am I not shutting my mind off, I switch books, some good fiction.... Still not letting go... I am sitting listening to music book and the ground lost in my thoughts when I hear a call for water polo! I jump up, why not I need something and have enjoyed water polo before. A casual game starts, we have a good group, all having fun and all working hard. My heart rate is up, focus is on the game. We laugh, we cheer, we course in jest when the other team scores. The game wraps up we shake hands and head back to our chairs. I sit down and feel that feeling I was looking for. I am now relaxed, for 45 minutes I was engaged, mentally and physically, now I rest. It hits me, I need the physical workout the endorphins to let the stress out. It all makes sense engaging in any activity can help relax the mind, we so often think rest means sitting, yes this is the definition of at rest but to de-stress we need more. Sometimes it is a long run to be alone with our thoughts, sometimes its a team sport to draw our focus to people, and activity and away from the task on our mind. To rest the mind work the body, it works every time. Motivate, inspire and find your focus.

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