Friday, 21 March 2014

Dreams come true

All our life we strive for your dreams, we push to see them come true. For so many they always seem so far away that we lose hope, we lose desire and motivation. But for me, I see now my dreams are coming true, I see that many dreams are in my hands. I look at my beautiful wife, my amazing kids and a job I love.... Just a year ago I had most of this but could not see it. The day we stop and look around, really look at what we have and see are dreams are coming true is the day life becomes amazing. Now lets stop for a second, I am not bragging, I am not saying I have won the 649, I am saying I see life different. Dreams are coming true for all of us once we take the time to see them, Dreams come true in all sizes and shapes, it may not always look like we thought it would, it may seem extremely simple, but when you look in the eyes of your loved one, look around at your friends, hold your child, this is a dream, a dream we all had to be loved, a dream to be accepted. When we look at the walls around us, the fact that we get a pay cheque these are dreams coming true. When we feel this joy, this success, we can now help others achieve their dreams, when we focus on someone else's dreams we then feel greater success, greater joy. There is no feeling like making dreams for others come true, this should be a dream for all of us. When we accept that our dreams are coming true and help create dreams for others we start to build a circle of success and joy, dreams become more achievable, people want to help you reach your bigger dreams and life becomes amazing. Once we accept and love what we have we start to see the biggest dream any of us could have come true and that is happiness. Don't stop dreaming, don't stop setting bigger dreams and shooting for the moon but never stop seeing that your dreams are coming true all around you and life is amazing no matter how hard it seems, no matter how low we are, there is always something to be happy about and a dream coming true. Smile and the sun and dream of the stars. Motivate, Inspire and find your Focus.

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