Monday, 3 February 2014


To survive we must have balance. To excel we must understand balance and learn to control it. Knowing that balance is of the mind and the body I dabble in Yoga. I say dabble as this is an area that I struggle. Thought I am rather flexible mentally, physically I am not. So I dabble in Yoga, in my own time, in my own home. I struggle, I look like a child learning to walk, I wobble, I fall, I stretch a quarter of the distance of the instructor on TV. But I try, I keep pushing, and as I do I gain balance. The challenge is I do not see it. As with many things in life every time we try a second time we push a little harder then we did the day before, we try a move we may not have in the past. The balance and strengths are built, we may not notice it if we don't think about it. But after a few weeks, we have more energy at the end of the day, maybe not much more but it is improving, we are able to focus a bit longer, our mind is clearer as we work on a problem. The great thing with Yoga is it teaches you to mentally relax as you practice. As with most exercise you must learn to breath, to calm the mind, and as you do, you can push a little further and gain a little more each day. Now the flexibility side, these are muscle habits we have built over years, we cannot expect them to just let go and reset in a month. Flexibility is gained centimeter by centimeter, a little at a time. We must keep trying and practicing day after day. For some we may never gain the flexibility that others do, but that doesn't mean we stop trying. Each of us are built different, practices and habits over time form us to be who we are, so each of us will have different results, have different abilities. So we all have to keep trying to find our flexibility and thus balance. If you practice something and you feel good about yourself, you notice it creates balance and improvement in other areas of your life then focus on that factor, let your life be your motivation not the fact that you may not be as good as someone else. Your desire and your life are your inspiration, your will will let you concur, will let you succeed, never give up, keep pushing,
keep trying and over time your will see your own form of success.

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