Thursday, 30 January 2014


I am driving home. The air is crisp, the temperature has dropped to -15. With the colder weather a calm falls over the area. The sun has been shining all day and everything is clear. As evening is coming upon us the crisp clarity continues, almost peaceful. I soak it up take in my surroundings and appreciate the moment. As I drift into my evening I am feeling energized and ready to go. But somewhere in the evening I start to get tired, I start to lose my focus, I become agitated. My temper becomes short and I just want to shut down for the night. I know I can't though, I have been feeling so strong, so focused, I know if I let into this feeling it will grow, and it will be here in the morning and into tomorrow. I grab my music and try to break out into my own world once I have a moment. Its not enough, its helping but I know its only a cover up. There is nothing particular that has set me off, everything is good, but something somewhere is pushing my buttons. I sit for a minute and don't want to get up. Finally I push, I stand up and hit the treadmill, music turned up I am going to break through this fog. From a day that started so clear so great, the fog it like a late fall day and took away that beautiful sun, but the sun is mine to have, I will break through the fog and find that clarity again, find that focus and find that new person I am becoming. Within minutes of my run I feel energy coming back, I feel a rhythm coming into my body and the fog starts to clear from my mind, I smile and see the sun again.
It is so easy to let ourselves slip back into old habits. With as busy as we are in today's world it is easy to give in to exhaustion, frustration and weakness. But if we want to succeed we have to stand up, we have to find our sun and let it clear our vision and give us focus and clarity. If you can't see where you are going it is tough to be motivated to want to get there. Break through the fog, see the sun and let it shine.

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