Monday, 6 January 2014

Climb the Mountain

My legs burn, my lungs burn and my drive is slipping. We still have a good 1km to go before we hit the peak... I really hate to fail and my friend is ahead, encouraging me to keep moving... really not giving me an option. Until we get to the peak we have only hiked a trail, once we get to the top we will have an amazing view of the Rockies. One foot in-front of the other, dig deep find the motivation! 500 meters to-go, though this is all for fun I just can't stop I can't turn back, days like this I wish I had this same focus when I was struggling with a problem at work, or trying to get through a challenge at home. Some times it is easier to walk away, easier to "come back later", but getting back to it once you walk away can be the biggest challenge! You know it is going to be a struggle and it is easy to find something else to do.
 To see the top we cannot stop, we can't turn around we need to keep focused on the goal. I know I can stop to catch my breath and take a few seconds but my focus has to be on the peak. As I crest the top I can see for miles, the cold wind whips past me and I feel success, the aches and pains are gone for now and I know I have reached the top. This wasn't the first mountain I climbed and won't be the last. But I know I need that focus, I need to find the motivation within me if I want to clime more. I need to prepare better for next time, make sure I have the physical and mental tools I need to get through the next clime. I can reflect on this day standing with my friend looking over the mountain tops and pull inspiration for the future. Each success is inspiration for future opportunity. The walk down feels like nothing at all knowing I have been to the top.

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