Monday, 6 January 2014

See the Mountain not the road.

For 6 years I was in a role at work that felt like a never ending road. The view was good and I was learning a lot but I had taken the role to focus on my own development and felt like I was losing my true self. I was focused on helping clients, providing services and keeping them happy. Some of these relationships were rewarding and build great knowledge, but with a balance of all the clients, a growing family and me always feeling like I was staring down a never ending highway I was losing myself. Energy levels would swing, inspiration was there, but I could not motivate myself. By the 5th year I knew I was burning out, I needed a change, but when you are no longer in love with your job you have to work twice as hard to show that you are worthy of a change. I pushed every day, at the same time overcoming some large hurdles on the family side of life. Finally the opportunity arose, it was easy for me to show that I was the right fit for the new role but I was still stepping away from a role that in the end I had disappointed myself in. Though I had maintained a standard level of success, I was not happy as I was stepping out on a low note. I was able to make all sorts of excuses but inside I knew those excuses were not making me feel better. I really had to step back and look at the success I had, see the lessons I had learned from my mistakes and make sure I took as much as I could from every step of the way. Though it was not the role of my life, it was not my best performance I did come out stronger and built skills that will help me in the future. I had some low points but overall kept my head up. Focus on the end goal got me through and kept me Motivated!
See the mountain not the road.

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