Monday, 27 January 2014

The Truth Hurts!

Welcome back to reality, your on the floor, embarrassed or ashamed. You stepped outside of your realm, you pushed too hard too soon! Reality check, your pride is bruised and you are flat on the floor, your human, you have weakness, you can bleed and you have flaws. 
Back up a second though, the reality is, you didn't push to hard or too soon, there is no realm that cannot be yours, if you are alive you haven't pushed too hard. Pain is a reminder of your humanity, our humanity is what makes us great. Use your pain, don't lose yourself in it, let it motivate you. For some reason we fear the truth the reality of humanity, or weakness, don't numb the truth or the pain, accept it. When your on the floor don't look around for pity, don't reach around for scraps, pull yourself up and walk away strong. Look for advice from those that knocked your down, don't see them as the enemy, see them as a competitor, and if you can, as a mentor. If you are bested it means you have skills to build, you wouldn't have known that if you had not tried. Some days the best thing we can do is hit rock bottom, it reminds us why we are trying so hard to move forward. But as time shifts forward we need to change what rock bottom is. Next week, next month, next year, what we once saw as success will now feel like rock bottom. Pain is relative, it is based on what we know and what we have to compare it to. If you have felt deep pain, you will never forget it, but you never want to go there again, you set your bottom one step above that. And when you are put in your place, when you are knocked down, you can stand up knowing you are still above your weakest point, you are stronger then you were before. Sometime we will not see what we were missing until we are laying on the floor taking a second to stand up and gather ourselves. Take the truth and listen, let it sink in, let it hurt, and adapt, don't make the same mistake twice, grow and get stronger. Our best motivator is pain, our greatest focus comes when avoiding feeling that pain again. Be inspired by the Truth and drag yourself off the floor and stand strong!

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