Friday, 10 January 2014

Collect yourself before the fall.

I hear a crisp voice break the air, all seems silent when the booming voice stops. I shrink down a little when I realize that was me! I had meant to be stern but the realization that I just lost my temper and let out a booming yell strikes through me like nothing else. There is nothing that cuts my focus like realizing I have lost control, though only for a second it feels like it has taken everything apart. I need a moment, I need to step away from everything for a moment, a moment long enough to get perspective again. To keep direction we need control of ourselves! When everything around us is chaos we can concur when we have control of ourselves. We can see through the smoke, see through the people and understand the core of the situation. Without control focus is gone and really there is no reason to be motivated as we will get no where. So I step back, sit for a moment and take a deep breath, all is calm for a moment, the noise around me fades and \I am within my mind for a moment, a moment to bring calm and know that I have the strength to overcome. Now I sit down call my two little girls to me and give them a hug and speak to them in a calm voice, before anything else letting them know that I love them and didn't mean to yell. Though it is rare, the moment of weakness feels like a great crack in my foundation. Learning to keep control, stay calm and see through the chaos is key to any situation. For me the only ones that can really shake me are my family as I love them more then anything in this world so the strike to my deepest emotions. The best step is to step back before we break free from our composure. Step back and see the world around us and make it ours.
Step back, take a breath and keep the focus. Calm and collected will always have the strength to win the race. Just like a great river collect yourself before the fall!

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