Thursday, 9 January 2014

Burn the boat!

Every direction we turn in today's world there are options. More options then we have ever had before. Everything is simple, quick easy and disposable. If it doesn't work the first time, get a new one! On one hand this makes it an amazing world to live in, anything we want is within our reach, on the other hand true motivation comes from commitment and focus. When something doesn't work the first time we need to learn to re-assess, approach from a new angle and try again, adapt to the situation and concur. Don't stop until you know success, or know that you can give absolutely nothing more, that every option is exhausted, then try one more time!
There is an ancient battle that I have read about many times in which the army had to travel over waters to meet the opponent. Upon landing on the shore of the enemy the commander ordered that the boats be burned. The army was going into battle out numbered, but now they had no option but to win, their only exit strategy had been reduced to ashes. The soldiers were literally fighting for their life, and they won! When we move forward in life we need to take that approach, move forward as though we have no other option but to succeed. With this approach we are not questioning whether we have exhausted all options, instead we are focused on the result, knowing that we will succeed and we cannot step away if it doesn't work the first time. There is no better motivation then truly believing success is the only option.
So I say, as we move ahead from here, BURN THE BOAT, don't consider that failure is an option, push through for success!

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