Sunday, 19 January 2014

Be the Rock.

Deep down I am cold inside, I am angry, I want know the answers. Sometimes the things we need are out of our reach, out of our control. We need to find a way to keep standing. Sometime tears will fall, that's fine, that is life. What we need to do is find the drive to pick ourselves up, move forward and make the best of everything we do have. Until we know the answers there is nothing else we can do, we have to hold on to the strength we do have. Once we are able to obtain and move through the information we were searching for we can carry on. Life isn't always easy, life isn't a perfect ride. But if we learn to manage through the harder points, then the high points will be even greater then we could imagine. Every step is an important part of this journey. Deep inside we HAVE the drive, we HAVE the motivation to move forward and we NEED to hold that. Drop, drop for a moment, take your time, but DO NOT let time take you. Live your life, carry forward, deep inside you have what you need, you have to find it,
you have to hold it. Do not let the weak moments take control of your life. You have made it through struggle before, so be the strong individual you are inside, show those around you that you have the strength to carry them, to help them through when times are tough. Be the rock and be the strong individual you know you are.

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  1. Love u. You are strong and you WILL Get through this. Just remember there are those of us here to help u find that strength