Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Voices

You can make it! Just a few more steps! I know you can get there! We are here for you!
You don't have the strength! This is not your thing! Just give up now!

No matter where we go there are voices chiming in, they may be right beside us or they may be memories from the past. Or it may be your own internal voice weighing in on the situation. Some voices are loud and clear others are quiet, we barely notice that they are there. But every single voice has an impact on us, from the time we are young everything we hear finds its way into who we are. Our subconscious is built on those voices from the past. But the good thing is, if we are not built on confidence, we can be rewired, we can adjust out internal voice by choosing what external voices we listen to. We need to surround ourselves with positive voices! When we are hit with a negative voice we need to use it as encouragement. Take the "You will never make it's" as a challenge. Take the "Just give up now's" as a marker that you have to push harder if you are going to finish. Let the positive voices be your guides to success, your focus your inspiration to motivation, let them keep you warm when your cold, hold you up when you are weak and drive you forward for those last few steps. Take the negative voices and make them your fuel, let them hit your mind and change their meaning. We reflect those that are around us, and let them build us to be who we are. Even if we start out slow, start our weak, we have the strength to get stronger, we have the conscious to surround ourselves with those that will help. Hear the voices and make them your own. Knowing this be the change factor, be the voice that rings true and creates a positive tone in the room.

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