Tuesday, 14 January 2014

To stand on top of the Mountain

To stand on top of the mountain we must know that is our place. We must know that is where we belong. We must be focused, our vision must be clear and more then anything we must be confident. When we have a moment of weakness, if we lack confidence, our likelihood of turning back is increased exponentially. There are times we stand back and ask how someone has succeeded, to us they don't appear to be strong enough, or maybe intelligent enough to be where they are. But for that task they knew where they belonged, they saw their end goal, and their confidence carried them through. Surround yourself with success, surround yourself with strong people, seeing these people, hearing their words will give you strength to carry forward. Confidence is built over time, but you don't have to start out confident, build up to it. Take one step at a time, find your motivation, build your focus and see who you really are. Find your inner strength and embrace it. Once you are confident that you belong on top of the mountain you will not be shaken, when people try to cut you down this will become only fuel for the fire inside. You won't weaken when you are questioned, you will hear the words, consider their meaning and let it build your resolve. We all start at the bottom of the mountain, as we stop focusing on the every step and start seeing our goal the distance traveled will start to fade, the final goal will always seem to be around the corner, and then you will be on top of the mountain, looking around at the splendor. Now don't look down upon those that didn't help, offer them a kind word, offer them a hand, be strong on all fronts! When you have your chance and you stand on top of the mountain share the moment, know that you have tasted success and build on that!

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