Monday, 13 January 2014

Build the Habit.

How do we make change, in life, in our life, in the life of others? First we get started, they say every little bit helps, but that statement has it flaws. Sometimes the only difference a little bit makes is to mess things up. If we can't engage long enough to finish the job then often it is not worth stepping in. One needs to know what they are getting into, there is always a learning curve, a time to learn to work with those around you. I believe this comes down to focus. If we can't focus long enough then we are only that person standing around "looking for something to do" instead of that person with there hands dirty moving things forward. We may have had the motivation to get involved, but if we can't focus long enough then we will lose our desire as we will always feel as if we are not making a difference... because we are not. They say it takes 28 days to build a habit, so plan the time to make change, it is not a one day, one time event. Once we learn to engage, to focus then motivation comes easy as we know we can change, we know we can make a difference in ourselves and around us. Start with the small steps, if it is something you have never done before make it the only thing your are focusing to change. If you have done it before, think about why you stopped, was is a quick stop, was it a gradual loss of desire or was it a necessary change because of other life events. When you understand why you stopped, figure out your new approach and stick to the change until if feels natural, until it is so natural that if you miss doing it you feel like you have wasted your day.
Find the motivation, stay focused, and build the habit.

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