Friday, 17 January 2014


As we travel through our days we will get many forms of feedback. The underlying message of all that feedback sinks in and forms who we are. Most of all the words we say to ourselves will form who we are. When we take on a task what are we saying to ourselves, how are we inspiring ourselves. If we must succeed, if it is our last opportunity to prove ourselves do we go in saying "I will not fail!" or "I will succeed". Such a simple message that really has the same meaning, but the words used will have an impact. If we only understand success then we are going in with a positive attitude. When we use a statement that includes failure then part of us is considering failure is an option. If we do not succeed on our first attempt then we are saying to ourselves "I did fail". If we had moved into the task with the thought of "I will succeed" then if we don't, we can continue saying "I will succeed" we can stand up and try again.
 As I have said before we can take inspiration from anything, but we are the only ones that can turn that into motivation. We must focus on the positive aspect of life. No matter how hard we hit the floor we need to stand up, we need to move forward. We are all allowed time to gather ourselves, and for some it will take longer, but we are built to survive and we need to embrace that. Some days it will be tough, some days we will hurt, and sometimes that is what we have to accept, but from that we need to find our strength. We need to hear the positive statements, we need to give ourselves that strength in the words we say to ourselves. We can step through to tomorrow, someone is there waiting for us and expects greatness from us. Be your own biggest fan, and spread that inspiration to all that you can.

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