Friday, 24 January 2014


Happiness comes from within. We need to find it within ourselves, when we are happy with ourselves we can be happy with others we can inspire others to share the happiness we feel. To find this happiness we must hold those happy moments close, keep them for quick reference on the top of your mind. The moment that you step outside and the warm sun strikes your face, warms you from head to two. The moment you are embarrassed by a loved one and everything feels right. The moment you realize victory is in your reach and every ounce of your strength will be used to taste success. These moments define us, they are our life blood, our inspiration not only when we are strong but more importantly when we are weak. Even if are happy points are fewer then our moments of grief we still have them, we can still reflect, take a moment to remember that feeling, and then strive to have it again, have that moment more often and have it be stronger. The stronger the feeling of happiness the longer it will last, the deeper the inspiration will root itself and the stronger we will be. Happiness is the greatest drug we can access, as we feel the inspiration of happiness, endorphin's run your body and give you an out and out physical motivation, clear focus and a rush like no other. When this happiness is sourced naturally through success, through inspiration and through love there is no greater feeling. Find happiness, experience happiness, and replay those moments again and again. Every day life will become a greater experience and you will have the strength to do anything. Live Happy!

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