Thursday, 16 January 2014

Drum Roll Please!

Drum roll please, let the music play, let the music drive me forward. The tune will settle deep into my mind and take my where I need to be!
Music can be such a great inspiration, it can influence your mood in so many ways. Music has such a deep impact on everyone of us. Some songs take us back to a moment in time and are tied into all our other senses, they can make us feel like we are living a moment again. New music can hit us like a ton of bricks, take us away the first time we hear it, it can stop us in our tracks or drive us forward. Some music will slow us down, add perspective and other music will take get our blood flowing. Choose the music for the moment you are in, let it sink into your mind and help you through. We can take inspiration from anything, for so many of us music is truly a simple answer. When our energy is low turning up the right tune can be just like plugging in. Energy surges, blood starts to pump and your muscles have more juice and your mind finds focus once again. When tensions are high and it feels like nothing will settle you down a good riff can bring you back to your feet. For each of us it is different, some days a good metal song will settle me down other days I need some jazz or blues. Learn yourself, find what drives you, how it connects to your mind, to your adrenalin. Once you know what your source is use it. Shut the world out for a minute, or an hour, turn up your music and find the mindset you need for your inspiration, for your focus and for your motivation.
Drum Roll Please, its what I need to get through this moment, so give me the music and let me ride!

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