Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Its still dark out.

I wake today and don't want to jump out of bed, no surprise, most of us don't, a warm bed, a cold house and it is dark outside, the sun wont be up for almost another 2 hours. Whether I stay in bed for another half hour or get up now I still have to get up. I can find a million reasons in my mind why staying in bed is the right direction and why it will "make me feel better" today. Finally my rational mind come into the picture and I know I need to get up, need to move, once I am up the reality and impact of staying in bed too long will come to mind. The sun isn't up until almost 8am at this time of year, my mood sinks easy and I struggle to motivate myself. As I go about my morning trying to find my energy, remember why it is important for me to keep moving my oldest daughter (3 and a half) wanders out of her room, and in an excited voice goes, "daddy I woke up and its still dark out!". It hits me! It's a good thing to be up before the sunrises, I am up before many others, can start my day and be ready to go when the sun shows up. The light of the day and the human mood are closely linked. On those days that it feels like the sun will never rise we need to remember the best thing we can do is jump up and seize the moment. Find our own sunshine and make it another great day. See the sun through the rain. (After my daughter let me see the sun I have to say the coffee helped too!)

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